Riverfront for People - Eastbank Initiative is a single-issue citizen's advocacy group, loosely organized, but dedicated to re-vitalizing the Central Eastside of Portland, Oregon and supporting the City of Portland's goals for the Willamette River, as adopted by the City Council in its River Renaissance program. We are working to form a broad coalition of groups that support the reclamation of the East bank of the Willamette River. Currently, our gem of a river is overwhelmed by concrete superstructures such as the Marquam Bridge and Interstate 5.

While sparsely populated now, this area has the potential to be home to a vibrant community of Portlanders, all enjoying the magnificent river. Instead of the current economic stagnation, the Central Eastside could become a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood comprised of a wide range of job, recreation and housing opportunities. Instead of I-5 dumping tons of effluent annually into the Willamette, it would be a sanctuary for the myriad of wildlife that call the Northwest home. The possibilities for this underutilized part of the city are endless.

Of course, this will not happen immediately. It will take the time and energy of countless volunteers and organizations. There are no right answers to the many questions involved. Please take a few minutes to explore the site -- especially the presentation. Once you see our ideas of possible options, we would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy your visit and spread the word. Thanks for stopping by!


08/18/06: Important Portland City Council meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 27th. At this meeting Commissioner Sam Adams is scheduled to present the report from the Freeway Loop Advisory Group committee, which holds conclusions that Riverfront For People does not believe the citizens of Portland would necessarily agree with. Please come support us! To learn more, email us.